A Brief History Of Boutique Labels

A Brief History Of Boutique Labels

This is a video with a pretty good (although dry) history of physical media and the rise of boutique labels.

I found the start of boutique labels pretty fascinating, and although probably not exhaustive, it gives the casual fan or collector some great information about the early days.

Some of the boutique labels mentioned in the video are Vestron Video, Wizard Video, and Streamline Pictures. Vestron Video distributed horror movies and B-movies. Wizard video is known for their creative and eye-catching cover arts. Streamline Pictures brought anime to Western audiences.

Physical Media Never Died: A Brief History of Boutique Labels


The first third of the video talks about the history of the industry as a whole, talking about earlier formats and how they were received by the wider industry and consumers.

The last half talks about the boutique labels and how they got their start.

The video also touches on the need for physical media, and how there is a need for streaming, but it shouldn’t replace physical media.

It talks about how streaming services like Netflix allowed viewers to watch movies online without having to leave their homes. This coincided with the decline of physical media retailing. People purged their physical media collections and movie sections in retail stores shrunk.

However, the video argues that physical media is not dead. Boutique labels are still thriving by catering to a niche audience. Vinegar Syndrome, for example, specializes in preserving forgotten adult films. Arrow Video focuses on cult and horror films. People who are passionate about movies tend to prefer physical media because they own a copy and the special features that come with them.

The video also touches on the resurgence of older media formats. Cassette tapes and vinyl records are making a comeback because people appreciate the aesthetics these formats bring.

It’s a great video to get an idea of the industry and boutique labels. Highly recommend it.

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What did you think of the video? Also, do you still have any physical media?

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