Fensler Films G.I. Joe PSAs

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, when the internet was fairly young, and not dominated by mega-corporations and social media, there was an explosion of comedic videos and websites by independent, every day people.

And Fensler G.I. Joe videos were a big part of that.

Fensler Films’ G.I. Joe videos are a gritty and hilariously twisted homage to the ’80s nostalgia, injecting a dose of irreverent madness into the beloved action-packed cartoon series.

These viral gems take iconic public service announcements (PSAs) from the original G.I. Joe animated show and remix them into a realm of absurdity that will leave retro lovers in stitches.

With gritty editing and a subversive sense of humor, Fensler Films flips the script on the seemingly serious G.I. Joe characters, warping their actions and dialogues into a surreal world of chaos.

The result is a collision of retro animation and contemporary absurdism that defies all expectations.

Each short video is a whirlwind of ridiculousness, where Duke and company’s public service lessons take an unexpected turn into the realms of surrealism and dark comedy.

Whether it’s Duke telling kids to brush their teeth or Cobra Commander giving road safety advice, the videos warp the nostalgia-soaked lines into a gritty carnival of the absurd.

Fensler Films’ videos hit a sweet spot for retro lovers who revel in the juxtaposition of familiar ’80s icons with a warped and gritty sensibility. The videos have become a cult phenomenon, celebrated for their irreverence and ability to breathe new life into vintage material.

In a world where nostalgia often gets polished and sanitized, Fensler Films’ G.I. Joe videos stand as a refreshing and gritty reminder that even the most cherished icons can be transformed into something delightfully bizarre.

These videos offer a captivating and twisted trip down memory lane, where ’80s nostalgia meets the anarchic spirit of the present day, leaving retro lovers laughing and shaking their heads in equal measure.

See all the episodes on this playlist.

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