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We all lament the fall of the video store, but for years after most had closed up shop and gone the way of the Dodo, there were a few who continued on, surviving on donations, loyal fans, regular customers, and probably a drop in living standards to keep the dream alive.

Many of these “Mum-and-Pop” stores lingered to serve their die-hard fans, and others, videos to rent.

But even these had to fall, and there are only a handful of video stores left in world.

Below are some pretty cool short movies that document the closure of some of these stalwart stores who refused to close until the business was simply untenable.

But don’t give up hope as some video rental stores are still open – see the last two videos.

Video World – The Death of a Video Store

Video Store Millionaire

The Video Store – A Queen Video Documentary

The Last Blockbuster

And for the last word on this, I wanted to showcase a couple of video stores that is still open and renting movies.

Videodrome: Atlanta’s Last Video Rental Store

Inside Scarecrow Video: The Largest Independent Video Store in the World

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